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Terms of Business

  • Please email copies of invoices, valuations & any backing paperwork/substantiation.  For bulk claims, we can accept files in just about any format.

  • If after all activity, we have been unsuccessful in recovering payment from the debtor we will return the account after 180 days.  Legal action can be initiated by us on a case by case basis. 

  • All costs are payable by client.  When a debtor makes a payment, email notification is required to your Case Manager as soon as possible to ensure we have the correct balance.

  • Where full payment has been made, we must immediately cease all recovery action.


By instructing an account to be actioned, it is seen that you are aware and agree to our company conditions and fee agreed at point of placement.

  • Once a debt has been instructed for collection, GLWOOD Ltd trading as Glenwood is permitted to collect these monies on behalf of the client.  This is a binding agreement between both parties.

  • Your no collect – no fee percentage rate is agreed at point of instruction.

  • All collections are on a no collect - no fee basis excluding our fixed fee legal ancillary services, if your Case Manager feels it is prudent they will seek your express authorisation before proceeding with any such action.

  • Clients cannot use the Glenwood name nor copy them to any email or other communication if they have not formally been instructed to collect said debt/retention.

  • We will invoice you each month calendar month at your agreed rate.  This is calculated as your agreed percentage rate against any gross payment or payment(s) remitted from the date of your instruction.

  • Glenwood apply both late payment interest and debt recovery costs to your debtor’s account under The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 and Late Payment of Commercial Debt Regulations Act 2002; where debt recovery costs is successfully recovered from your debtor, then your full agreed percentage debt recovery cost incurred is rebated back to you less any additional late payment penalties or fees applied to your debtors account.

  • We cannot guarantee collection of your debt recovery costs.  Your agreed percentage rate is applicable to any gross payment(s) made.

  • Glenwood will not be held accountable for any indirect actions made by the client.  If these actions hinder our ability to collect such as withdrawal, termination or any other indirect action(s), we reserve the right to charge your agreed percentage rate.  Such fees are calculated as your percentage rate against the gross sum of your instruction.

  • We reserve the right to offset any outstanding invoices against monies received by us from debtors as set out above.

  • All fees are subject to VAT.

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