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Bibby Financial Services - Client Testimonial

Updated: Apr 1

When I joined Bibby as the Construction Business Development Manager for Scotland, we faced a common industry hurdle – clients struggling with overdue payments. That's when I reached out to Glenwood Debt Recovery. Their response was swift and their approach, specialised. What stood out was their capacity to not only chase but also successfully recover payments, sometimes within days for debts outstanding for months.

"Glenwood helped one of our clients recover £72k in just 3 days"

Glenwood's process, from initial letters to potential legal action, has been a game-changer. They turned what used to be a significant concern for us – debts over 90 days – into manageable, solvable situations. Their involvement means we can extend our funding services with confidence, knowing that even if debts age, we have Glenwood to turn things around.

Their team, including Steven, Paul and Rebecca, are not just effective but genuinely nice people to work with. They've become an integral value-add to our services, offering us another string to our bow. Their appreciation for every referral, their attention to detail, and their tenacity in solving problems have been exceptional.

It's their organic growth, especially during challenging times like the COVID pandemic, that speaks volumes about their critical service. Working with Glenwood is more than a partnership; it's having a dedicated, approachable team ready to go the extra mile to ensure the best outcomes for our business and clients.

James Hart
Business Development Manager

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