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Enva - Client Testimonial

Updated: Apr 1

From our first introduction to Glenwood through Steven's outreach, it was clear they were different. Their approach was refreshingly genuine – a conversation rather than a sales pitch. They truly listened to our needs and showcased their capabilities by successfully handling a challenging test case for us. The relationship with Glenwood isn't just limited to the top tiers of their team; everyone at Glenwood makes an effort to personally get to know us. Working with them feels like an extension of our own team.

Their method isn't just about taking over the collections. They're proactive, addressing queries, handling data correspondence, and truly acting as the bridge between us and our clients. What sets them apart is their willingness to immerse themselves in our industry, understanding the intricacies of our business operations.

With Glenwood, we've seen tangible improvements – driving down debtor days and improving our cash collection. Their 'no win, no fee' approach has been a game-changer for us. In addition, their influence has prompted several of our customers to improve their payment timelines. We've engaged with other external debt collectors in the past, but none have quite matched the quality, and especially the consistency we get from Glenwood. Their down-to-earth demeanour, devoid of unnecessary paperwork or jargon, truly stands out. The team at Glenwood, from Steven to Paul, has consistently shown that they're not just about doing business; they're about forging meaningful, lasting relationships.

Their services have permeated various branches of our organisation, proving their adaptability and commitment. In an industry where maintaining client relationships is paramount, working with Glenwood has been advantageous. They don't just chase debts; they build bridges and mend relationships, ensuring our clients learn and evolve from the process.

In a nutshell, Glenwood is an invaluable asset to our operation. They make our lives easier, they drive results, and most importantly, they truly care. I've wholeheartedly recommended them to peers, and will continue to do so.

Laura Hendry

Credit Control Manager

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