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Software is Revolutionising Debt Recovery

Introducing Adept

Glenwood, renowned for its excellent track record in the realm of commercial debt recovery, uses its cutting-edge bespoke software, "Adept". This innovative platform stands as a testament to Glenwood’s commitment to leveraging technology to enhance service delivery and empower clients.

Live Updates at Your Fingertips No longer do clients have to endure the anxiety of waiting for updates on their debt recovery cases. With "Adept", Glenwood offers real-time visibility into the progress of every claim. From initial submission to resolution, clients can now stay up-to-date on their case's status, ensuring full transparency and trust in Glenwood’s process.

Streamlined Case Submissions Glenwood understands the urgency of recovering debts. That's why "Adept" has been engineered for seamless claim submissions. Clients can input new claims, update existing ones, or append vital information effortlessly. This ensures quicker action and faster resolutions.

Collaboration Like Never Before "Adept" isn’t just a tool; it’s a collaborative workspace. Glenwood’s vision for the software is to foster enhanced collaboration between their expert team and clients. Shared dashboards, real-time chat features, and an intuitive interface allow for instantaneous feedback, advice, and updates, ensuring a cohesive approach to debt recovery.

Bill Power, a Chief Financial Officer and a frequent collaborator with Glenwood, shared his excitement:

"In the world of private equity and business, time is of the essence. 'Adept' offers unparalleled insights and a collaborative approach, making Glenwood's services even more indispensable."

As businesses continue to navigate the complex world of debt recovery, tools like "Adept" emerge as game-changers. By bridging technology with Glenwood’s unmatched expertise, "Adept" promises not just recovery but also peace of mind for its clients.

For more information or to explore how "Adept" can aid your construction debt recovery journey, reach out to Glenwood's dedicated team today and we would love to demo "Adept" to you!

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